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Youth General Assembly

Youth General Assembly is an autonomous assembly that has been formed in order to provide a credible platform that instigates the true sense of public speaking, strategy making, equitable administration and non-customary legislative and social issues by empowering enthusiasm in youth for being the future ambassadors and democrats. The aim is to inculcate the convening and confronting qualities amongst the youth to expand their perspective and knowledge regarding true democracy and parliamentary politics.


        We work to build a better world by meeting global challenges and opportunities for strengthening the United Nations through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation–global citizens.



     We work to improve the socio-political system of Pakistan by developing passion in youth with regards to the need for change in the governance and political system of Pakistan into a truly democratic system.

We are YGA

The core areas of operation of the Youth General Assembly is #Education. YGA will work with young people

YGA’s Representation at Arab Youth International Conference, UAE

The organization has been deliberately formed as a consequent indulgence of the youngsters to offer an unorthodox and unconventional concept of global citizens in the society by contributing to the debate and resolutions with regards to the global issues and nationalism by a procedure of taking forward the aims of the United Nation and by investigating the political framework in Pakistan. The individuals have readily manifested the thought to a Global and National level with the target of providing intellectual abilities in the youth, so as to highlight the good faith for the world and Pakistan. Going on, the ideology is to provide youngsters with experience, which would assist them in participating in beneficial endeavors at their end for a brighter and better eventual fate of Global peace as well as Pakistan’s socio-political structure.

First Ramdan Ration Drive 2019 @ Gulberg Lahore by YGA

We believe that youth, as civil society activists, has the power to be significant agents of positive change. We want to contribute our part to building support for the UN in our own community.

We believe that youth’s involvement in all levels of local, national and global decision-making is essential in order to achieve the goals of the United Nations and in making this world a better place. We wish to represent Pakistan as a responsible global citizen.

We also believe that awareness of the International issues and knowledge of the global systems is the best way to learn from and improve systems in our own country.

Transgender - Iftar Dinner & Distributed Clothes by YGA

Are you tired meditating day and night about the crisis faced by the world? Do you have ideas and solutions that could contribute to bringing a positive change? Are you tired of protesting around the famous monuments of the world? Have you realized that bashing around has borne no fruit? Well, we are sure the answer is yes to all. What if we provide you the chance to voice your opinion and draft policy papers? No, not those which will end up in the trash. But those draft resolutions which will land in the hands of United Nations’ associated organizations, autocrats and bureaucrats. Ladies and Gentlemen, we bring you an opportunity to recommend solutions to the crises faced by the world. We wish to infuse a passion for our youth to diffuse international and national crises. Join us and make a mark. #ConveneToConfront #JeetHamaraMustaqbilHai


  • To take the Vision 2030 United Nation’s objective and Pakistan Government’s 2025 objective.
  • To be a scaffold between the youth and policymakers of the world as well as Pakistan.
  • To be a suggestive body to the legislature of Pakistan on National and International issues.
  • To instigate dialogues with associated departments on the advancement of youth’s contribution to strategy making and social activities.
  • To encourage cooperation between youth and famous pioneers from diverse regions of the world and divisions of Pakistan.
  • To persuade the members to think on territorial, national and worldwide issues.
  • To concentrate on the territories which require prompt consideration of the administration trailed by activities.
  • To start a procedure to achieve correspondence and social amicability in the general public.
  • To break down the principle issues of the society in diverse strolls of life and to offer solutions.
  • To advance co-operation and comprehension within different youth gatherings at the local, regional and global level.
  • To privilege the delegates of YGA to work with different elected and democratic foundations of the world as well as that of Pakistan.
  • YGA aims to draw in youth in a way where the vitality of the young is the outfit in a positive way.
  • To formulate strategies and pave the way for legislative and constitutional amendments.
  • To increase the awareness and participation of youth in social work.
  • To execute a diplomatic model, to convey system redesigns and additionally to get input on the present and future system of the administration.
  • To produce imaginative and implementable ideologies with respect to improvement sector.
  • Steering the young into beneficial advancement activities promoting humanity, human rights and peace.

Youth General Assembly will extend its assistance to the tenants of the world and specifically Pakistan amid characteristic cataclysms, catastrophes or disastrous occurrences.

YGA Core Areas of Operation

The core areas of operation of the Youth General Assembly is #Education. YGA will work with young people to:

  1. Promote enabled learning based on principles and practices of education for sustainable development (ESD).
  2. Document, network and organize inter-cultural exchanges with like-minded organizations locally, regionally and globally for sharing best practices, validating the work of the society as a global institution to promote the mission of Youth General Assembly, i.e. “promoting education as a comprehensive process for human & social transformation”.
  • Cultivate norms of citizenship and democracy through redesigned education processes based on respect for diversity, heritage, universal human rights and tolerance.
  1. Engage with large citizens groups across Pakistan through evidence on conditions of learning exclusions and resource challenges at the household, community, schools, technical vocational and post-secondary levels.
  2. Work with communities, youth and teachers committed to rethinking their conditions, values and structures for change, reimagining and taking action that can be measured over time.
  3. Engage with inspiring people and ideas across the country and region – developing interface with groups of teachers, youth, parliamentarians, empowered women, actor, artist, activists and media organized and informal workers as communicators of ideas, learning solutions, new learning content, change and accountability.
  • Work through a clustered approach in programs within given geographies for multi-dimensional impact, scale and sustainable change, enabled by technologies for coverage and empowerment.
  • Create large scale platform titled as Citizens Campaign for Quality Education (CMQE) with citizens groups across the country as multipliers of change-including local communities, youth, teachers unions, media, women’s groups, researchbased think tanks, law associations and parliamentarians.
  1. Create innovative programs, capable teams, generating resources for institutional autonomy, innovations in sustainability and growth.
  2. Acknowledge partnerships and celebrating progress backed by citizen’s accountability and evidence to deepen democratic communities of practice.
  3. Publish books, reports, journals, magazines, periodicals, writings, discoveries, documents, news and information.
  • Liaise and collaborate with various associations in the education sector or otherwise by suitable means (memorandum of understanding, collaboration agreements, partnering arrangements and others) for course content development, the arrangement of apprenticeships within the Sector.
  • Accept grants, donations, assistance from public bodies, corporations, companies or persons or trusts, Pakistani corporation, companies and foundations.
  • Organize and participate in seminars, conferences, fairs related to the objects of the Society and to compile, collate, edit and publish technical reports and papers related to the objects of the Society.