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YGA President meeting with Qasim Ali Shah
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Youth General Assembly
Guest Social Night BTY'19

Youth General Assembly

Youth General Assembly is an autonomous assembly that has been formed in order to provide a credible platform that instigates the true sense of public speaking, strategy making, equitable administration and non-customary legislative and social issues by empowering enthusiasm in youth for being the future ambassadors and democrats. The aim is to inculcate the convening and confronting qualities among the youth to expand their perspective and knowledge regarding true democracy and parliamentary politics

Our Core Values

Youth Empowerment

YGA believe in the power of knowledge and its capacity to mobilize human beings to create better world.


We are committed to making a difference. YGA strive for what can be rather settling for what it is.


We value performance and results to set and hold ourselves accountable to high standards.


We work as a team with different organizations and with our partners. We share ideas and try to align our efforts with those of others who are dedicated to the goals of saving the world and promote humanity.

Global Opportunities:

We work to build a better world by providing opportunities to the youth for strengthening the world through the engagement of people who share a global mindset and support international cooperation–global citizens.

Democratic System

We work to improve the socio-political system by developing passion in youth with regards to the need for change in the governance and political system of Pakistan into a truly democratic system.


Nurturing responsible global citizens who can think globally and act locally. Making youth responsible to build a better work by tackling local and global sustainability challenges.


We listen to and learn from our constituents, partners, funders, and one another. We value diverse perspectives and strive to incorporate them in our work.

President Youth General Assembly

My name is Fahad Shahbaz, Founder of Youth General Assembly and while I am studying law, I have an immense passion for public speaking and convening to confront. The urge to debate has given me a sense of individuality and has helped groom my personality. I foster for elocution, leadership, and public speaking. I strongly believe that the importance of expressing one’s opinions, irrespective of the level of diversity and the number of individuals that maybe the audience to our comments, specifically in the realms of foreign policy and global diplomacy, has immense value. I would, therefore, assert that a leadership organization is not designed to merely be a forum for individuals to represent themselves, engage in rhetoric and enjoy the sites; the objective is for all participants to comprehend the intricacies of cultural realities and global dynamics amidst multilateral policy frameworks. Youth General Assembly shall indeed be an exciting experience. I can assure each of you that the experience will truly be unparalleled. The coordination and consensus amongst the delegates represent the basic tenets of diplomacy, which is characteristic of all committees and organs of the United Nations. I would be delighted to provide as much assistance as necessary to all the delegates, both prior to and during the sessions. Step in with your democrat hats on!

Fahad Shahbaz

Our Leadership Team

Empowering Enthusiasm In Youth


Sadaf Taimur


Irtaza Ali

General Secretary

Javeria Usman

Joint Secretary

Our Projects

Empowering Enthusiasm In Youth

Beyond the Youth
Awazain project by YGA
Qayyadat Project By YGA